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The Irrawaddy in Myanmar

The Thurgau Exotic 3 cruises back and forth on the Irrawaddy River in Myanmar. We joined a cruise and are making a film for Thurgau Travel about the country, the …

Dog Documentary

Under the working title “the hipper the sicker” we are making a film about dog (over-)breeds. What does it mean to have a flat nose, for the dog, and also …

Wolf in Sight

A short documentary about the Pro’s and Con’s of shooting wolves, especially looking at the current situation in Saxony, Germany. Wolves kill sheep. Should we therefore kill the wolves (or …


The river Douro in Portugal goes through jungle-like forests, along tons of vineries and dry landscapes. A beautiful river cruise.


We make travel- and promotional videos for the swiss travel company “Thurgau Travel”, this time we’re cruising down the Rhine, a river passing Switzerland, France, Germany and the Netherlands. Passing …



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The Irrawaddy river in Myanmar
Species at Risk