Greenland 2022 – Pulling for the Planet

In northern Greenland there are the polar inuit, the people living in the northernmost villages in the world. Lonnie Dupre, a north american explorer, visited these villages twenty years ago during his circumnavigation of Greenland by kayak and dog team. We all now want to go back and re-visit these villages, to see what has changed in the past 20 years and how climate change is affecting the culture of the inuit people.

Life in northern Greenland is fundamentally different from ours, and so there are a lot of things to learn. How to live simply, make more out of less. What’s important in life, what can you go without? How do people survive in a land of ice and snow, why is it hardly possible for them to just move over to a warmer country?

We will go out with hunters to catch birds, walrus and fish, we’ll travel by dog team from one village to the next and eat birds that were fermented in seal. We’ll share the life with the Inuit people for about five months in the northernmost inhabitated places on earth. Our goal is to make a 90 minute documentary, that will tell about the Inuit’s life, as well as their current situation, thoughts and hopes regarding the shift they have to make in order to adapt to a warming planet.

Film by: Josefin Kuschela & Lonnie Dupre
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