Greenland 2022 – Pulling for the Planet

In northern Greenland there are the polar inuit, the people living in the northernmost villages in the world. Lonnie Dupre, a north american explorer, visited these villages twenty years ago. He met people that made it seem easy to live in a place, that appears totally inhospitable to us. By living after traditions that have been passed on for thousands of years, by dressing in furs and by forming a symbiosis with their sled dogs, they managed to live off the land and to be completey in tune with their environment of ice and snow.

We all now want to go back and re-visit these villages, to see what has changed in the past 20 years. Who of Lonnie’s friends will still be around, what changes have become apparent in younger generations and how do their traditions and knowledge pass on today?

We will aquire our own dog team and travel from village to village, on a search for Lonnie’s past friends. On the way we will meet with old and young people, and go out hunting bears, walrus and fish. We’ll eat birds fermented in seal and see how clothes are made out of fox and rabbit. By spending time with them, we will learn a lot about their attitude and way of life. The Inuit are not run by a clock. They do things, when the time seems right. They see people as equal, no person should be perceived as better than the other one. Spending time in their little houses, we’ll see how to live simply, make more out of less. What’s important in life, what can you go without?

We will share the life with the Inuit people for about five months. Our goal is to make a 90 minute documentary, that will tell about the Inuit’s life, as well as their thoughts and hopes regarding their homes, their environment and upcoming generations. By interweaving footage and stories from 20 years ago, we are aiming to build a connection between the past, present and future, of the northernmost people on our planet.

Film by: Josefin Kuschela & Lonnie Dupre
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