Greenland 2022 – Pulling for the Planet

In northern Greenland there are the polar inuit, the people living in the northernmost communities in the world. Lonnie Dupre, a north american explorer, visited these villages twenty years ago. He met people that made it seem easy to live in a place, that appears totally inhospitable to us. By living after traditions that have been passed on for thousands of years, by dressing in furs and forming a symbiosis with their sled dogs, they managed to live off the land and to be completely in tune with their environment of ice and snow.

One person created a lasting memory in Lonnie. It was a young guy named Peter Duneq. He was very torn between two cultures – should he leave his home to go to university and live a modern „western“ lifestyle, or should he follow his traditions and become an Inuit hunter like his ancestors? This is a struggle that most young Inuit nowadays are facing.

We want to find out what path of life Peter Duneq chose, and why. Therefore, we will acquire our own dog team and travel from village to village to find him. Along the way, we will see what has changed in the past 20 years. Who of Lonnie‘s friends will still be around, what shifts have become apparent in younger generations and how do the traditions and old knowledge pass on today? Are sled dogs, the symbol and inseparable companions of the Inuit, still living in close symbiosis with the people? Meeting old friends and young folks, we will get to know the Inuit‘s attitudes and way of life, which offers a lot for us to learn from. Be it living simply, living in tune with the environment, treating everybody equal, being happy with what you‘ve got, making more out of less, or being present in the moment.

We will share the life with the polar Inuit for about five months. Our goal is to make a 90 minute documentary about Lonnie travelling in this beautiful, but relentless, part of our world, which inhabits unbelievably optimistic and humorous people. By interweaving footage from 20 years ago as projections into the current surroundings, we are aiming to build a connection between the past, present and future, of the northernmost people on our planet.

Film by: Josefin Kuschela & Lonnie Dupre
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