The Circle of Moose

The Alaskan moose is the biggest kind of moose out there, with a shoulder height of more than 6 feet. You’ll see them everywhere in Alaska. They are loved, hated, cared for, hunted, and eaten. Moose seem cute, but in fact, they are often considered more dangerous than the bears in the woods. But you don’t only find them in the forest – you’ll see them in front of the grocery store, in your backyard or on the side of the road – if not on the road. Almost every day in winter, there’s a crash with a moose. They then often end up in a fridge, and sometimes leave behind an abandoned calf. Some of them are found, cared for and later let back into the wild by caring people.

We will take a closer look at this circle of life of the Alaskan moose. We’ll find out about the different ways moose are looked at and handled by people, and basically get a glimpse into the everyday lives of Alaskans and their 600kg neighbours.

Director & Camera: Josefin Kuschela | 2020