Follow Your Dawgs

Using dog sleds as a means for transportation has a long tradition in polar regions of the world. People wouldn’t have been able to live without dogs – and dogs wouldn’t have been able to live without people. Due to growing technology though, in southern Alaska dog sleds are not necessary for living anymore. Still, sled dogs can be found literally everywhere. There’s a common saying: “Dog mushing is not just a hobby, it’s a lifestyle”. What is that lifestyle like, why are still so many people dogmushers? Why is dog mushing national sport in Alaska? We take a look into the everyday lives of dog mushers, visit a mushing school and get some impressions of the Iditarod – along with the Yukon Quest the biggest and longest dog sled race in the world.

Director & Camera: Josefin Kuschela, Sound: Feline Gerhardt | 2019